Andrew is the most outspoken member on the Chico City Council about Chico’s problems with crime and public safety. He has continually led efforts to consolidate services for the homeless, crack down on transient crime, and provide real and actual solutions on the problems at the council level. He believes that Chico can be a safe and beautiful city if we do not allow those who seek to harm others get a free pass. We must make Chico safer for children, students, seniors, families, businesses and our entire community and we must act now!

Andrew brought forward the “Chico Safe Now” initiatives to council, has worked to help increase police department officer levels, and has been outspoken on the issue of transient crime.

Andrew also led efforts to change dangerous “yield intersections” near Chico State where a student was struck and killed by a vehicle. Through his work on the Internal Affairs Committee the entire neighborhood is now being studied for safety concerns on all levels.