Thank you Andrew!

  • For making Public Safety our top priority
  • For putting forth the “Chico Safe Now” proposals to make our community safer
  • For keeping a sharp watch on the city budget and helping to bring Chico back from the verge of bankruptcy
  • For standing against increased housing fees, solar energy fees, and parking fee increases
  • For voting to restore our Police Department to recommended staffing levels
  • For leading the Tree Planting Program at One Mile Recreation Area and Lower Bidwell Park
  • For leading community efforts to protect the Esplanade
  • For fighting to protect Art and Historical Landmarks in the City of Chico
  • For standing up for increased Fire Protection in the Chico
  • For bringing forward an LED street light program that conserves energy and saves Chico $250,000 a year
  • For being accessible to the citizens of Chico and respectful of all opinions