Stop special interests from
their attempt to overturn
your vote just one
year ago!

Stop EXTREMISTS from taking over Chico and overturning your vote!

The recall attempt in Chico is based on false statements, lies and a false narrative.

A year ago, Mayor Coolidge
came into office facing one of the
worst situations in Chico’s history…

Just one year later homeless
solutions are on the horizon and Chico is in the best financial shape it has ever been! 

✓  Compassionate and effective homeless solutions are forthcoming 

✓  Protection of parks and waterways 

✓  Banned needle giveaway programs 

First Mayor to hold public forums on the homeless issue 

A plan to restore Chico’s failing roads 

Returning commercial flights to Chico 

Bike path, pedestrian and train safety improvements in District 5 

✓  Created yearly city-wide cleanup

✓  Championed Chico’s shift to green energy-saving city millions 

Andrew Coolidge, Compassionate and Strong Leadership for Chico

Facing one of the worst situations in Chico’s history, with parks overrun with illegal campsites, drug needles being handed out and left out for kids, and a city in peril, Mayor Coolidge has made a difference with solutions on the horizon and Chico in the best financial shape it has ever been!

No attitude, No social media rants, No grandstanding – 

Just working hard for Chico.

Real Homeless Solutions

Facing a disaster when coming into office, Andrew led the first ever public held forum on homeless issues in Chico. He also held meetings with service providers and leaders in the county to develop solutions which now lie on the horizon and will stop the environmental harm to parks and waterways.

Commercial Flights Coming Soon

From day one in office Andrew has led the effort to restore commercial airline service to Chico. Federal grants to restore taxiways, the development of a Revenue Guarantee Fund and road improvements will help secure flights to LAX within the next year.

Chico State PD Agreement

Andrew worked to increase CSUC Student safety with a joint agreement between Chico State Police and Chico Police which increased patrols around campus and in student areas of town.

Ice Rink Success

Mayor Coolidge with Paradise Mayor Steve Crowder opening the Chico Ice Rink.

No cost to taxpayers.

Thousands of happy families, students and children.

The rink was cross promoted with Paradise in joint advertising.

Paid for by Choose Coolidge Reject the Recall FPPC #1442409