For the last two years, after having served on the council from 2014 to 2018, I have watched the City of Chico get worse and worse on many levels. Caring and compassion have been mistaken for free needle giveaways and the trashing of our parks. Citizens have watched as crime has gotten progressively worse and meanwhile city leadership has been absent from the conversation, arguing with each other and serving special interests and egos, forgetting that the job of a City Councilor is about making the City of Chico a better place to live.

I know we can do better.

I ask you to join me in restoring calm, intelligent and experienced leadership to Chico.

Thank you for your vote,

Andrew Coolidge


  • Graduate from California State University, Chico with a Bachelor of Arts Degree
  • Longtime resident of Chico
  • 15 Year resident of District 5, City of Chico
  • Small Business Owner for 27 years in the City of Chico
  • Founder, Recycled Art Competition
  • City Council, City of Chico 2014-2018
  • Chair, Butte County Air Quality Management District Board 2014-2018
  • Chair/Member, Internal Affairs Committee, Chico City Council 2014-2018
  • Board Member, Butte County Association of Governments 2014-2018
  • Former City Representative, League of California Cities
  • Former Board Member, Butte County Fair
  • Former PTA President and School Board Member, CCDS
  • Former Chair, Eagle Scout Board of Review, Butte Area Council
  • Led the successful fight on the Council to SAVE the ESPLANADE
  • Recipient, Champion of the Arts, 2018 by the Chico Arts and Culture Foundation for his work to save public arts projects and historical landmarks (e.g. Esplanade, Water Towers, etc)
  • Led efforts for the Tree Planting Program in Lower Bidwell Park which led to the planting of hundreds of new native trees in and around the One Mile Recreation Area



  • While on the council from 2014 to 2018 Andrew was part of the council that turned Chico’s near $20 million deficit into a positive budget within just four years bringing Chico back from the brink of bankruptcy.
  • Andrew also championed and brought forward the LED Street Light program which now saves the city $250,000 annually.
  • He also wants the city to end the tax sharing agreement with the county on the North Valley Plaza Area of Chico. The agreement is one of the only tax sharing agreements in the State of California which does not have a sunset date. This would mean thousands of dollars in additional revenue for the City of Chico every year.


  • Increase Police Department staffing to recommended levels. The current council has harmed our community and quality of life by letting both violent crime and quality of life crimes escalate.
  • Add additional Street Crimes unit for extra protection of our neighborhoods and community.
  • Keep school resource officers in our local schools for both educational and safety issues.
  • Andrew understands the issues surrounding policing and the complicated nature of both protecting officers and protecting people within our community. While on the council from 2014 to 2018 Andrew was part of the effort to make sure the Police Department coordinated with the County Behavioral Health Department.
  • Increase Fire Department staffing to recommended levels.
  • Develop a Chico Fire Evacuation Plan and inform all citizens of what to do in case of a fire overtaking parts of the city.


We have all heard and seen it; “Chico is getting worse and worse,” “crime is taking over our community,” “Bidwell Park has become a litter box,” and “Chico is not a good place to raise children anymore.” We must put a stop to these problems facing our community.

Too often the needs of the people are being overrun with ego and argument. We need experienced and calm leadership that can make intelligent decisions to help everyone in our community. While we are all compassionate, transient and drug related crime is out of control. They endanger our parks, waterways, environment and lead to a lower quality of life for all those concerned. Compassion is never defined as giving addicts free needles or allowing trash to overtake our parks. The answers are simple but unfortunately, no one is listening:

  • Restore order and clean up our parks and waterways to protect residents from the harms of environmental trash, fire and needles
  • Eliminate the free needle giveaway program
  • Increase the Police Department staffing to recommended levels
  • Move forward with a Community Court program to regulate transient and homeless crime issues
  • Make the relocation of the Jesus Center a priority


  • Road improvements for District 5 which is often low on the list of road improvements.
  • District 5 is in desperate need of safe routes for children to school. Increased signage, bike lanes, and walkways are needed within the district to protect our kids.


  • As a former Chico State Graduate, Andrew understands college student safety needs to be a top priority of our community. Too often college students are victims of crime and do not feel safe in our city. More cameras on bike trails to stop the sexual and physical assault and increased lighting in student areas are needed.
  • Andrew worked to change the yield signs in the downtown student area to stop signs after a college student was hit and killed by a vehicle. At the time the City and the University came together to study the area and make suggestions due to Andrew’s efforts. We must follow through the action items within this safety study.