• City Council, City of Chico
  • Chair, Butte County Air Quality Management District Board
  • Chair, Internal Affairs Committee, Chico City Council
  • Board Member, Butte County Association of Governments
  • Former Board Member, Butte County Fair
  • Former PTA President and School Board Member, CCDS
  • Former Chair, Eagle Scout Board of Review, Buttes Area Council
  • Founder, Recycled Art Competition
  • Small Business Owner for 25 years in the City of Chico
  • Graduate from California State University, Chico with a Bachelor of Arts Degree



Thank you Andrew!

  • For making Public Safety our top priority
  • For putting forth the “Chico Safe Now” proposals to make our community safer
  • For keeping a sharp watch on the city budget and helping to bring Chico back from the verge of bankruptcy
  • For standing against increased housing fees, solar energy fees, and parking fee increases
  • For voting to restore our Police Department to recommended staffing levels
  • For leading the Tree Planting Program at One Mile Recreation Area and Lower Bidwell Park
  • For leading community efforts to protect the Esplanade
  • For fighting to protect Art and Historical Landmarks in the City of Chico
  • For standing up for increased Fire Protection in the Chico
  • For bringing forward an LED street light program that conserves energy and saves Chico $250,000 a year
  • For being accessible to the citizens of Chico and respectful of all opinions


Andrew has worked hard to restore financial stability and safety to Chico over the last four years. He continues to make Public Safety his top priority and continually brings forward issues and solutions to the council. The differences between when he took office in 2014 and today show the success of many of his actions and efforts. Andrew constantly leads the fight on transient and crime related issues facing our city. Support his solution based ideas for the safety of our community.



City facing $20 million financial deficit in budget and reserve funds

City deficit eliminated and now rebuilding reserve funds

Chico PD School Resource Officer position eliminated

Chico PD School Resource Officer being restored

Chico PD Traffic Unit not in operation

Chico PD Traffic Unit Restored

Chico PD coordination with Behavioral Health non-existent

Chico PD now coordinates with Behavioral Health

Chico PD Street Crime Unit not in operation

Street Crime Unit recently restored for summer and Andrew is working towards year round funding

Chico PD Target Team non-existent

Chico PD Target Team Restored

Chico PD Officer numbers at just 65

Chico PD Officer numbers now at 90+

Chico PD Officers without body cameras

Chico PD now with body cameras

Bicycle Patrols Eliminated

Bicycle Patrols Restored

Park gates and bathrooms closed during the day in various areas

Park gates and bathrooms reopened at regular times

Relationship with University and University PD non-existent

Better communication with University and University PD than ever before

Road projects devastated due to financial cuts

Larger number of road projects planned than ever before

No community budget workshop to explain city finances

Budget workshop now held to increase transparency

There is still much work to be done. Andrew possesses the unique skills needed to continue to make progress in Chico. While Public Safety and Financial Stability are his primary goals, he has also been a strong advocate for aspects which make Chico Unique.

– Led the fight to ensure that roundabouts would NOT be placed on the Esplanade
– The most outspoken council member to preserve City Art and History (water towers, restoration of the “Chico hands”, local historical buildings, etc.).

Andrew also has helped lead the city to financial cost savings, bringing forward and getting council approval for the City LED Light program which saves the City of Chico $250,000 a year annually. He brought forward this program to the city before even taking a seat on the council and was proud to have it come to fruition during his time on the council. He is also the only member of the City Council which has voted against increasing permit fees for new home, retail and commercial construction which works towards solving our housing crisis and bringing jobs to the city. He has also vocally spoke out against raising city parking fees.


Andrew is the most outspoken member on the Chico City Council about Chico’s problems with crime and public safety. He has continually led efforts to consolidate services for the homeless, crack down on transient crime, and provide real and actual solutions on the problems at the council level. He believes that Chico can be a safe and beautiful city if we do not allow those who seek to harm others get a free pass. We must make Chico safer for children, students, seniors, families, businesses and our entire community and we must act now!

Andrew brought forward the “Chico Safe Now” initiatives to council, has worked to help increase police department officer levels, and has been outspoken on the issue of transient crime.

Andrew also led efforts to change dangerous “yield intersections” near Chico State where a student was struck and killed by a vehicle. Through his work on the Internal Affairs Committee the entire neighborhood is now being studied for safety concerns on all levels.


Park funding remains a constant need in Chico, both now and in the future. Andrew has worked directly with city staff to create a tree planting program at the One Mile Recreation Area and lower Bidwell Park which had over 100 trees planted to replace dying trees in the area. Almost all of the work was performed by volunteers on this project.

As the city moves towards financially solvency again and reserve funds are replenished it is important to make our parks a priority. Andrew also led the fight to successfully reopen both park gates and bathrooms.